Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Accessing E Print reports

To access the following E Print reports, sign in, and go to repository indicated below.

Selecting an e print report


From the above screen, select the drill to the left of PZROLRP. The following screen appears:

e print report detail

From this screen, select the report you need. The dates run are shown at the right. If you select “PDF”, you will pull up a copy of the report. “Text” will allow you to download the report, and the magnifying glass will allow you to search. Below is an example of a PDF page:

Labor Redistribution Audit

Note that this shows you the detail, including the business purpose, of all pending labor redistributions. A redistribution that is marked as “pending” will not be reviewed for approval. Pending redistributions must be changed to “complete” in PHAREDS before they will be reviewed for approval and posting in Finance.


When at the e print screen (above) showing this report, you can select this report in the same manner you selected PZROLRP. Below is the first page of this report. This report will give you the name of the Financial Manager and Consultant at the hiring organization.

This information is useful if you need to know who to contact about a salary issue in a particular organization. You can look up your employee’s organization in the directory on My UNM.

PZRORGH Labor Redistribution Audit example