Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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To Reconcile an Index, what do I need to have?


  1. You need printed copies of what expenses were charged in Banner, by account, for the period.  MyReports reports are recommended.  FOROLDS  detail works well.  Run this report for the month, AFTER month end has closed.  The Month End Close schedule can be viewed at the Financial Services Resource website at
  2. b.     You may use excel worksheets to assist you in accumulating the Banner numbers in a format your department prefers.  You must still have Banner documents to show where your Banner numbers came from.
  3. If you are reconciling an unrestricted index you need information from your Department Administrator concerning what revenue is expected.  If you are reconciling a restricted index you need a copy of the Notice of Grant Award from the funding agency.      
  4. Payroll reports for the index showing actual salary paid to each salary and benefit account, by employee.  MyReports report FNRSLBE by index will provide this information.  FNRLDST will show you the percentage of the employee’s distribution that should be in each index.
  5. A budget or other internal document telling you the names of the employees that should be charged to that index, and what dollar amount or percentage of their salary should be charged to that index.

Revenue Information

Payroll Information

Source Documents

  1. You may need to learn how to obtain some of these documents, such as monthly telecom bills, Xerox bills, internal service center bills, and so forth.  You may need to contact the person in charge of producing or approving the bill to begin getting a copy each time one is produced.
  2. If you do the accounting for your department, this may be as simple as saving a copy before sending the original to your Financial Services Office for approval and payment.  A source document is needed for every expense appearing on the Banner Detail Report.
  3. You will check off each item on the payroll report and each source document, as you locate it in the detail of your Banner report listing expenses for the month for the index.  The best practice is to initial and date next to the check mark.

A Red Pencil