Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Accessing the Payroll MyReports Reports

To Access the Payroll MyReports Reports:

Sign into MyUNM

Select Employee Life tab

You will see the following screen:

Select MyReports to access MyReports, Select HR Reports to access other HR Reports.

FNRSLBE (was Hyperion FSH0001)

This MyReports report shows you historical payroll information


From the MyReports Finance tab, select the desired report.  In the example that follows, FNRSLBE was selected from Finance/F All Campus Reports.  You select the month and year of the report you want, and how you want the information reported.


Report grouping options include:

  • By index – grouped by account code
  • By index – no grouping
  • By organization by index
  • By organization by employee
  • Employee name
  • Summary by Index
  • Fringe Rate by Org
  • Banner ID


In the screen above, 2014 February was selected, and the Report by method selected was Index.  Index 258000 was selected.


The first page of this report follows.  Each section represents one employee who has salary posted to that index in February.  At the end of the report a total section exists.

FNRLDSP (was Hyperion FSH0002)

When this report is selected, the following screen appears.  You may group the report by Labor Distributions by:

  • Employee
  • Org
  • Index
  • Fund
  • Grant


In this case the report is run by employee.  Type the employee’s name in the search field and select “find”.  A list will be displayed.  Select the desired employee and run the report by selecting the button on the lower left (1).






You select the organization, and whether you want the information reported by employee or by organization.


In the following example, Labor Distribution by Org was chosen for 258B.

This is the first page of the report:



This report shows labor distribution information by employee.  The payroll distribution percentage is applied to the bi-weekly or monthly salary expense to determine what amount is posted to each index.  The distribution percentage is not always 100% of the employee’s salary.  This report can be useful when reconciling errors in the payroll section of an index.