Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Payroll Reports and Screens


This Banner Screen is used to make labor redistributions. You can see the salary of your employee as it originally was posted and any redistributions of that salary on this screen.

Go to PHAREDS screen. You must have authorization to access it to proceed. Type in or search for the employee


Payroll Alternate ID Search

By selecting the Payroll ID drop down box, the Option List will be shown. Selecting “List for

Employee” will allow you to query on your employee by name or Id.

Search by Name or ID

This query brings up the following:

Name listing screen

Find and select the person whose salary you need to see, and double click. Then select the drop

down menu on “Payroll ID”:

Payroll ID screen

This will bring up the following screen. If any dispositions are 48, they are pending redistributions that have not been completed yet. If there are approved or posted redistributions, they will show on this screen with a disposition of 60 or higher.

Payroll Disposition Screen

By selecting a pay period (double click), you will see the next screen. The “Earning Labor Distributions” portion of the screen will show what indices the pay period are currently distributed.

Earnings History screen

As you “Next Block” through PHAREDS, you will be able to access the “New Earnings Labor Distributions” section to adjust where the pay distribution can be changed. For details on this process, see the Labor Redistributions section of this Manual under Lobo Web Self Service or Internet Native Banner.