Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Transfer Entry

  • Determine if this is the correct entry to make.
    • Are you moving dollars that are being allocated to a different Fund level 2 and/or Program level 2?  Then you will do a transfer entry.
    • You will use a transfer account code, between 11xx and 12xx.
  • Use the appropriate account code to make the entry.  No budget forward or allocation entries can be made that cross Fund level 2 codes, and/or Program level 2 codes.


Mary Smith’s research department VP has agreed to support a clinical outreach project with $5,000 of funding.  The VP funding will come from Index 406009, Fund 3U0023, Program P161.  The clinical outreach project is implemented by the Department of Family and Community Medicine Index 160010, Fund 3U0029, Program P171.  This support was not in the budget originally submitted.

  • Run report FORITAH for the two indices.  Follow the report guidelines to make the entry.  Use exactly the descriptive text printed on the report.
  • The entry:


Class Code
DebitCreditJV Short 
406009 JET 11E0 5,000   160025-11C0
160025 JET 11C0 ____ 5,000 406009-11E0


Class Code
(-) Bud(+) BudJV Short 
406009 BDT 11E0 -5,000   160025-11C0
160025 BDT 8060* -5,000 160025-8060*
160025 BDT 11C0 5,000 406009-11E0
160025 BDT 8060*      5,000 406009-8060* 

* note that 8060 is a default account code.  Use the appropriate account code here.