Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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MSC 0000 00
1 University of New Mexico
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Allocation Entry

  • Determine if this is the correct entry to make:
  • You are moving revenue that is being allocated within the same Fund level 2 and Program Level 2, but to different indices.
  • You are moving funding that is not in a Reserves account code.
  • You will generally use account code 1660 as both the debit and credit for this entry.  Look in the account code listing at the other account codes. Select the account code that corresponds to the type of funding being allocated.
Allocation Account Codes 


Allocations Earned Revenue Gen

To allocate revenues that are credited to a School or   College index but are “earned” by departments (Example: Course Fee Revenue)   OR to allocate from department primary indices to secondary “faculty”   indices.


F&A Allocations

To allocate F&A revenues from a School or College to   departments; Account code must equal zero.


Allocations SOM Gen

To allocate Dean’s Funding revenues to departments.


Allocations Subsidy Gen

Definition under   review


Allocations Pooled Allocations Gen

Allocation of    I&G only.  Restricted to   Budget office use.


Allocations UNM Bond Proceeds Gen

Used to distribute UNM Bond Proceeds in Plant Funds from   the Construction Project Index to the appropriate individual Construction   Project.


Allocations Other Gen

Allocations for general purposes not itemized above.


Overhead-Internal Allocation

Definition under   review


Regent’s Reallocation

Allocation of the 1.1% Regents’ Tax (mandated by the   Regents for Main Campus Unrestricted I&G, Public Service, and Research),   decreasing I&G budget and actual allocations for FY 2006.


Interdepartmental Allocations

Allocations within a department


  • Your entry will always cause the total activity for the account code to net to zero.
  • Does the index (not account) have the dollar amount you wish to allocate, remaining in unexpended budget dollars?
  • In the example above, you will debit 21xxxx account code 1660 for $2,000.  You will credit the index receiving the funding for $2,000.
IndexRule Class CodeAccount CodeDebitCredit
21xxxx JE2 1660 2,000 
34xxxx JE2 1660 2,000
Effect of entry on the account:        0

Total effect of these two entries on both indices:

IndexRule Class CodeAccount CodeDebitCredit
21xxxx JE2 1903 12,000 
21xxxx JE2 1660   2,000 ______

IndexRule Class CodeAccount CodeDebitCredit
34xxxx JE2 1903 12,000
34xxxx JE2 1660  2,000

There needs to be at least $2,000 in budgeted allocations and unexpended funds in index 21xxxx; otherwise the allocation portion of this entry cannot be made.  Note that NO EXPENSE ACCOUNTS were affected, even though this is an expense correction from the prior year.

If you are moving clinical revenue to a subsidiary departmental index,  The account codes used are below.  The allocation of clinical revenue from a department to a secondary index (faculty specific index) is done from the distribution account code that corresponds to where the revenue was initially recorded.

As with all allocation entries, the entry must net to zero.  The amount debited out of the primary account must equal the amount credited to the secondary account/indices. 

Revenue Code Distribution Code Definition and Usage
 0380   "FOM" revenue from UNM Medical Group to the School of Medicine (SOM) Clinical Departments 
   0381 Distribution of FOM revenue from department primaqry indices to secondary indices.  Acocunt codes must net to zero 
 0320   "Special Arrangements" revenue from UNM Meducal Group to the School of Medicine (SOM) Clinical Department 
  0321   Distribution of "Special Arrangements" revenue from department primary indices to secondary indices.  Account codes must net to zero
 0330    Revenue generated through Locum Tenens services (temporary primary care physicians) activities
  0331   Distribution of Locum Tenens revenue from the Locum Tenens office to various SOM Clinical Departments.  Account codes must net to zero
 0340    Revenue from University Hospital to the SOM
  0341   Distribution of University Hospital  revenue from department primary indices to secondary indices.  Account codes must net to zero
 0350    CRTC patient revenue posted from the global billings
  0351   Distribution of CRTC patient revenue to various SOM Clinical Departments.  Account codes must net to zero.
 0370    Revenue generated by Xpecialty Extension Services (temporary physician specialists) activities
  0371   Distribution of Specialty Extension Services revenue from the Specialty Extension Services office to various SOM Clinical Departments.  Account codes must net to zero