Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Pre-Review Scenarios

1) Pre-Review completed- No change necessary

Pre-Review Effort Report:

Salary distribution is displayed as a percentage of the total salary for the period. The pie chart to the right also displays the salary distribution.  Additionallly, the salary is displayed by type, Sponsored and Non Sponsored.  If you want to see dollar amounts, refer to the FRROEC01 Eprint report After you review the salary detail,  select the Review button to complete the Pre-Review stage.


2) Pre-Reviewer needs to complete a labor re-distribution to update record.

 If the salary information is incorrect; the pre-reviewer prepares a labor re-distribution. 



You do not need to select the request changes button, but if you do, the status of the record will change to ‘Changes Submitted’ and the ‘Review’ button disappears.    You will see a message on the right side of the screen that reads ‘Pay events are in process that may affect the effort report’


After the labor redistribution has been approved by all queue members, the effort record reverts back to ‘Under Review’ status and the ‘Review’ button becomes visible. The review action can now be taken.


Click Review button to complete Pre-Review stage. 

3) Pre-Reviewer needs a labor re-distribution completed to update record. 

Pre-reviewer’s department is not the employee’s hiring department and therefore the pre-reviewer does not have org code access to be able to complete the needed labor redistribution.   Request change through effort report.  Pre-Review Effort Report:


Select the ‘Request Changes’ button.  The system prompts the user to send an e-mail.  Send email to department labor redistribution initiator.  Include all necessary information to complete the required labor re-distribution.


The Status changes to Under Review-Changes Submitted.


The Status changes to Under Review-Changes Submitted.


Changes have been applied and are Awaiting Refresh.  Select the Update Report button to show changes on the effort report.  This is available for pre-review certification after the update is complete.  The status then changes to Under review-Unlocked and the Review action can be taken.


Select the Review button to complete the pre-review stage. 

4) Pre-Reviewer completes review. 

Certifier requests a change.

If effort needs to be corrected after the pre-review stage is complete, select request changes to initiate an email to the designated department personnel. 



The email should include all necessary information to complete the labor re-distribution.  The existing report will be updated after the labor re-distribution is completed.  The PI will receive an email notification when the updated record has been pre-reviewed and is ready for certification.



If the changes requested button was selected in error, select the clear changes button to restore report to its original stage.