Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Standard Accounting Resource Manual (SARM)

MSC 0000 00
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How to Complete an Effort Certification

Accessing Reports

1)     Log into 


2)     Select the Employee Life tab

3)     Select Lobo Web


4)     Select the Effort Certification and Labor Redistribution link

Labor Link


5)     If you are acting as a Proxy, follow this step, otherwise continue to step 6.

 Click on the Proxy or Superuser tab on the left of the screen.  Click on the drop down arrow to select the person to which you are acting as a  proxy.  Once you have selected the person, hit the save button located on the bottom right corner of the screen.


6)     To see the list of employees you are to certify, select the review or certify reports tab:



Select Advanced Search to view search options.  The Select Attribute tab will be displayed.  Select the drop down menu to select the search attribute.  Select the Chart of Account Code attribute.


Type a “U” in the Chart of account Code field and select Go

Select the drop down menu again to select the search attribute.  Select the Effort report period attribute.

Type 201301 for the Jan to Jun 2013 period, 201302 for the Jul-Dec 2013 period in the Effort report period field,  Click on the “Go” button.  The system will display all records that you have access to view.