XV. Direct Pay Request

a. Direct Pay Approval Form

The Direct Pay Approval form is used to request a variety of payments that have been pre-approved by the Purchasing Department.  A complete list of these authorized payments is detailed in the University Business Policies Manual, Policy #4320 (exhibit A), and can be accessed at http://policy.unm.edu/university-policies/4000/4320.html.

Direct Pay transactions usually do not require invoices other than those for reimbursement.  The Direct Pay Approval form must include the original backup documentation.  Exceptions to this policy must be approved by a Central Accounting Office.  Common uses include:

  • Conference registration fees, Memberships in professional organizations
  • Purchase of books and periodicals direct from the publisher or copyright holders ($1,000 limit)
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Reimbursements for goods or printed materials purchased on behalf of the University to employees only (limit $1,000)
  • Honoraria

Remember: The Direct Pay Request form may only be used for those pre-approved transactions listed in the University Business Policies Manual.  The list of pre-approved transactions can be found at http://policy.unm.edu/common/documents/4320-direct-pay-transactions.pdf.

Check pick-up requests must be submitted via email to the Fiscal Services Supervisor in Accounts Payable.

b. Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation should be prepared as follows:

  • Back up or supporting documentation must be stapled on the top left hand corner, not paper clipped.  This should be the only staple unless original documents required to be mailed with the check are attached.
  • Original documents required to be mailed with the check such as personal checks, notarized legal document, and self addressed envelopes must be attached at the back of the DPA packet and stapled on the left side.
  • DPA Forms must be printed on 8 ½ x 11” paper and in portrait view rather than landscape view.
  • Stickies, ‘sign here’ tags or post it notes of any kind must be removed from all of the supporting documentation.
  • All receipts smaller than 8 ½ x 11”, must be taped, not stapled, on all four sides to a blank piece of white paper.  Do not use colored paper. 
  • Only attach receipts to one side of page.
  • Only use clear tape to adhere your receipts to 8 ½ x 11” size white paper in portrait view.
  • When using recycled paper, place a large ‘X’ on the side that is not to be scanned.
  • Account numbers, drivers license numbers and social security numbers should be blacked out.

For orders placed directly to the vendor, proper documentation is the original and one copy of the invoice or order form that states the prices and the payee’s name. 

For all reimbursements, proper documentation includes original receipts or cancelled checks (if paid receipt is not available).  If the original receipt or original cancelled check is not available, copies of the bank statement showing that the check cleared will be accepted.

Legal documents are required for damages or settlement payments and are kept on file in the University Counsel’s office.  The additional information field should be used to indicate where back up documentation is kept.

Other documentation may be required for certain transactions like:

  • Conference registration forms
  • Membership dues statements
  • Coupons, order forms
  • Notary Public applications
  • Honorarium Information Form

No documentation is required for the following transactions:

  • Payments to game officials
  • Refunds
  • Royalties

c. Direct Pay Invoice - DPEZ

In order for a check to be issued to the payee, a Direct Pay Invoice must be created in Banner using the DPEZ form.  The DPEZ is keyed into Banner by the department.  Training on the DPEZ process is available through the University’s Employee and Organizational Development Office.  You may register for training by using the Learning Central application.  Learning Central may be found on the EOD website, located at http://www.unm.edu/~hrinfo/.