XII. University Central Accounting Offices

Several offices provide the University with accounting services.  These offices (listed below) are generally referred to as the central accounting offices.  Each central accounting office is responsible for certain index codes (indices). 

A central accounting office is responsible for:

  • Determining that the correct index and account code are used.
  • Determining that the index has sufficient funds budgeted to cover the expenditure, and that the expense is reasonable, allocable and allowable for the index code being charged.

In order to determine if an expense is appropriate, the central accounting office will:

  • Audit the document for various reporting requirements including 1099 reporting, employee or independent contractor determination and W2 reporting requirements.
  • Review for compliance with Board of Regents policy and other University, State and Federal policies and guidelines.

Contract & Grant Accounting, Main (277-4721), UNM Business Center, suite 2100

Unrestricted Accounting, Main (277-2018), UNM Business Center, suite 3400

Contracts & Grants Accounting, HSC (272-9383), 1650 University Ave. NE, suite 2400

Unrestricted Accounting, HSC (272-6266), 1650 University Ave. NE, suite 2700